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Does CILAMOUR contain animal ingredients?

No, CILAMOUR is free of animal ingredients. All CILAMOUR products have been tested by THE VEGAN SOCIETY and are certified as vegan.

Is or was CILAMOUR tested on animals?

No, no animal testing was carried out during the development and production of CILAMOUR.

Does CILAMOUR contain prostaglandins or prostaglandin derivatives?

CILAMOUR chooses the gentle way and is free of such "replicas". Without artificial turbo and pure nature.


CILAMOUR is made in Germany and meets the high-quality requirements of the German and European cosmetics regulations. It contains only ingredients with proven efficacy and tolerability. The skin compatibility as well as mucosal compatibility were tested and attested. CILAMOUR is free from hormone derivatives and synthetic ingredients.

How long is CILAMOUR durable after opening?

All CILAMOUR products last for six months after opening.

What is the preservative in CILAMOUR?

Thanks to the ingredients "Pentylene Glycol", "Propanediol" and "Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract", the CILAMOUR Lash and Brow Serum can be dispensed with classical preservatives, as the substances mentioned also have a preservative effect.



How is CILAMOUR used?

On our product overview a detailed and illustrated application description for each product is available. It is important that you use an oil-free make-up remover and / or an oil-free facial cleanser before using the CILAMOUR Lash and Brow Serum.

Can I also apply the CILAMOUR Lash Serum to the lower eyelid?

Yes, if desired, the CILAMOUR Lash Serum can also be applied to the lower eyelashes by applying it directly below the lash line.

How often should I use CILAMOUR?

Apply CILAMOUR Lash Serum and CILAMOUR Brow Serum once or twice a day, depending on how fast the effect is to be achieved. Is the desired effect obtained, the frequency can be reduced to three or four times a week.

How long do I have to wait after application to apply make up?

You only have to wait about one to two minutes for the serum to be no longer moist. Then you can continue with your beauty routine as usual.

I forgot the application of CILAMOUR? What should I do?

Continue using CILAMOUR as usual in the evening or the next morning. However, for best results, CILAMOUR should be used regularly at least once a day until the desired effect is achieved.

CILAMOUR has come into my eye. What should I do now?

First rinse thoroughly with clean water. If it still causes eye irritation should come, please consult an ophthalmologist.

How rich is the CILAMOUR Lash Serum?

This depends on the size of the Lash Serum (2 ml or 4 ml) you use and whether you apply it once or twice a day. However, the CILAMOUR Lash Serum is very productive: even with twice daily application even the smaller size is enough for about two to three months.

Can I also use the CILAMOUR Lash Serum for the eyebrows?

Due to the precise, specially adapted to the eyelid brush, the application of the CILAMOUR Lash serum on the eyebrow brush would be very cumbersome and not blanket. In order not to have to do without elegantly expressive eyebrows, the range includes the CILAMOUR Brow Serum, whose applicator is specially designed for the eyebrow.

Is CILAMOUR suitable for men?

Yes, CILAMOUR is also suitable for men. The product can also be used for lighter areas in the beard region. Use the CILAMOUR Brow Serum for this.

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