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Simply unique

Another active serum makes women’s wishes come true and lengthens eyelashes and what can CILAMOUR that the others cannot?

The answer distinguishes CILAMOUR:

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Icon Generation

The new generation of lash serum

Thanks to modern research technologies, scientists have gained new insights into eyelash growth and regeneration.

Based on these findings, and with input from lash serum users, CILAMOUR was developed.
A new type of lash serum: highly effective yet natural and vegan. With a patent pending formula especially for the sensitive and delicate eye zone.

Icon vegan

All products are vegan

An increasing number of people live vegan and do not use animal-based ingredients in their beauty products.

All products are free from animal-based ingredients, as tested and confirmed by THE VEGAN SOCIETY.

The vegan label gives consumers certainty: The internationally recognised and protected seal of approval can be found throughout the entire range.

Icon Hormonderivate

Completely free from hormone derivatives

There are quite a few lash serums that are based on hormone derivatives, which may interfere with the oestrogen levels.

Free from these types of derivates, CILAMOUR has chosen the natural way. Without artificial boosters, just purely natural. For conscious consumers.

Icon Natürlichkeit

Natural effectiveness

Both the lash serum and the brow serum consist of over 99% natural ingredients. Their effectiveness is achieved by harnessing the power of nature instead of artificial additives.

To use whenever you want and for as long as you like. For an enchanting gaze with breathtaking lashes – pure, natural and gentle.

Icon Info


  • Products do not contain classic conservatives1
  • No EDTA2 (drinking water protection)
  • No raw materials from mineral oils
  • No silicones and EO/PEG/PPG-based emulsifiers



1‭ ‬Instead: pentylene, glycol, propanediol and magnolia officinalis bark extract for anti bacterial effect, among others.
2‭ ‬Frequently used in cosmetics as a conservative and to prevent product discolouration. Very slow degradation; ecologically questionable.



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