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The 3 phases of an eyelash


Die drei Phasen der Wimper - Grafik

Phase 1: Growth phase

During the first phase (30-45 days) the eyelashes actively grow. The duration of the growth phase and the final eyelash length varies and is determined by aspects such as genetics.

Phase 2: Transitional phase:

Eyelashes do not become longer during the second phase. The hair follicle shrinks back and the eyelash hair hardens.

Phase 3: Rest phase

The third phase is the rest phase, during this period nothing happens to the hair (up to 100 days). After that, the eyelash falls out and the growth cycle starts again.

Challenge & Solution


Herausforderung und Lösung - Grafik

We are all unique


Jeder ist einzigartig - Grafik

Every person is unique, has their own lifestyle, every skin and every hair is different. Consequently each person has their own beauty rhythm.


This is the reason why the magical effects of CILAMOUR can be faster with one user and a little slower with another. Be yourself with CILAMOUR - at your own beauty pace.

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Your advantages


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