Many moments arise
from a single glance

Liebespaar in Paris

For the love of lashes


Paris – city of love

When it comes to love, many think of Paris first; of two lovers walking hand in hand along the Seine and looking deeply into each other’s eyes with the Eiffel Tower behind them. Lost in each other and happy. Innumerable lovers have whispered “Je t’aime” to each other in the splendour of this city and opened the door to their hearts with just a glance.

The windows to the soul


Frau im Fenster

Many moments
arise from a
single glance

Eyelashes are more than just eye protection. We all want them to be strong, long, voluminous and beautiful. Lash serums have become an indispensable item in many cosmetic bags, to fulfil our wishes without turning to artificial extensions.

This is the reason CILAMOUR was developed - out of love for the eyelash. A lash and brow series for the perfect moment and totally in tune with modern times: vegan, effective and Made in Germany. For picture-perfect eyelashes and expressive eyebrows.

How it works

This is how CILAMOUR works

How it works

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Your advantages


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